What is EXEPaTS?

The External Events Photography and Twitter Service (EXEPaTS) is a unique service offering here in the ACT and within Australia.

EXEPaTS is about making professional photos captured at your event available in real time for use with your event Twitter feed or for upload onto your preferred Social Media channel or website.

Alternatively, your images can be shared online via my own high profile Twitter account.

Why use EXEPaTS?

As I’ve experienced many times at events I’ve helped with, having professional standard photos from your event available online in real time creates an immediate buzz within your preferred social media community.

This is a service I can offer your business, brand or organisation.

Via modern wifi technologies, professional standard photos I take can be made available on your own Smart Phone, Tablet or via email within just minutes (depending on available Internet connection speeds).

Alternatively, your photos can be tweeted using my own personal Twitter account which has currently has over followers including:

  • Several Federal MPs and Senators.
  • Members of the ACT Government.
  • A large number of journalists including several press gallery journalists.
  • A large number of high-profile bloggers who themselves have massive follower numbers.

What are the commonly used alternatives

Alternative 1 – Official photos are taken using a Smart Phone or Tablet device.

This is a very common approach but often the photos taken with these devices are of variable quality and are barely worth sharing with your social media audience.

If you’re using a staff member to take the photos, it also ties them up from carrying out other important tasks at your event.

Photos using smart phones / tab devices often turn out dark, pixellated, badly timed (eg. your keynote speaker has their eyes closed or mouth wide open) or a bad combination of these issues.

Alternative 2 – Photos are taken using a work camera.

Work cameras are often mid range or lower end digital SLR cameras. Unless you have an external flash and / or a trained operator using these camera, there’s still a good chance you’ll encounter one or more of the issues you’d have using a smart phone or tab device as mentioned above.

There’s also the issue of downloading the photos.

Usually you’ll have to wait till the end of the current session or possibly even the end of the day (or the beginning of the next working day) to have your photos available for upload.

With EXEPaTS, your high quality photos are available for upload within minutes!

So how much does it cost?

It depends on what you want.

It also depends on having a quality Internet signal available at your event and someone at the event with a phone or tab device that can download Android or Apple Apps. Even just having an email account that you can access at your event will work. Other variables obviously include your email host’s website crashing, apps not working etc.

EXEPaTS Classic

Real Time photography service (photos can be sent via email or directly to your Android or Apple SmartPhone or Tablet within 5 minutes)

      • $250 per hour for the first 4 hours of service.
      • $1,000 for up to 5 hours of service.
      • $2,000 for up to 15 hours of service.

EXEPaTS Premium

Real Time photography service (photos sent to your Android or Apple SmartPhone or Tablet within 5 minutes) along with approved Tweets

I take the photos, develop the the Tweets (which your organisation can pre-approve) and post via your companies Twitter feed or via my own Twitter account (remember – over 6,000 influential followers!)

      • $300 per hours for the first four (4) hours of service
      • $1,200 for up to 5 hours of service.
      • $2,500 for up to 15 hours of service

EXEPaTS Standard

Your run-of-the-mill photography service

You just need professional standard photos taken at your event. You don’t necessarily need them straight away (but you’d still like them in a couple of days time for the weekly newsletter!)

      • $200 per hour for the first four (4) hours of service
      • $800 for up to 5 hours of service
      • $1,500 for up to 15 hours.

Proof of concept pricing now available.

As this is a relatively new service, I will be offering the EXEPaTS service at reduced rates to a small number of organisations and individuals who take up this offer in its early stages. If you are a not-for-profit organisation in the ACT, your rates will be even cheaper.

Please contact me via the online form below for more information.

So what do I do now?

Contact me or make a booking:


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