– An Ode to Skywhale…









You flew through our skies so beautifully..

You performed your duties so.. dutifully..

You were admonished by many, so… brutally…



In our airspace, you were so graceful..

Although some found your “assets” distasteful..

(Though It’s true – more than a handful is wasteful!!)



Though so many were keen to scold you…

No earthly bounds could hold you…

There’s so much I wish I could have told you!!



Though some say your cost was quite wasteful

Please return to us – and make it… haste-ful!!”

Because life without you is oh so dull!



My gorgeous, floating Leviathan

Will we ever see you again?

Oh, how will we ever cope with all of this pain?

Skywhale… Oh, my dear, sweet Skywhale…



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